INVIO epitomizes a natural elegance that appeals to the urbane, independent and cosmopolitan women who are always striving to achieve the best in work and life. The range is a curated collection of perfectly cut trend-led and investment pieces offering an elevated, tailored approach to fashion and formal wear.


Indonesia's one-stop solution for your uniform needs. INVIO Uniform fuses elements of design, fabric, and craftsmanship which is metamorphosed to exceptional top-to-bottom uniforms. INVIO Uniform answers to the needs of companies that are looking for the perfect contemporary uniform with the best quality.


Omara's brand positioning is for confident Moslem women who are looking for effortlessly stylish, chic, yet elegant proper clothing. These are women who look for clothing with simple but beautiful detail and cut.


Highly experienced and knowledgeable people, experts in garment and fashion industry, built Dekatama Centra in 1996. "Deka" came from a Sanskrit word that means vision. "Tama" means the first and foremost and "Centra" being the hub or center. Dekatama Centra aims to bring all brands to serve as a center to provide high quality lifestyle products and services.

An opportunity and challenge to start retail business for women's fashion knocked on their door and the rest was history. Dekatama Centra was equipped with the best machineries, factory, and employees and that was a sufficient reason to step in the first tight competition in fashion industry with its first ladies ready to wear brand: INVIO. INVIO was a success, gaining loyal clientele along the way. Early 1999, INVIO's distinctive career wear styling caught the interest of several corporations seeking to strengthen or change their own corporate identities. Because of this, INVIO began consulting on innovative and functional design solutions for complex corporate uniform issues, leading the birth of INVIO Uniform.

In 2003, Dekatama Centra found another niche to even broaden its business and that is to enter the world of fashion for Moslem women, with OMARA brand. Demand was high for a line that represents stylish and modern Moslem women. OMARA was among the first that presented elegant and comfortable Moslem attires for women.


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